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Special week [Marco's Diary]

Hello all,

this week is Valentines week at PiPi.
So many parts of the lessons have Valentine as a topic.

We made Valentines crafts for the classroom and on Wednesday all students made Valentine cookies.

On top of all this, we all went to the Asahikawa Winter Festival on Tuesday.
What a fun it was to see all these impressive snow and ice sculptures.
But the best was sliding down the ice slides.

See you next time,

Blocks playtime [Marco's Diary]


today I'd like to show you some pictures of our afternoon playtime.
Recently many students love to play with PiPi's big blocks. They build many things like cameras or airplanes or snow flakes...


This week Bobby built an air hockey game using these blocks...
Its very popular every afternoon ...
See you soon

flowering... [Marco's Diary]

Hey everybody,

this week we started to plant this years flower bulbs. Done this we put them in the window sill.
That means from now we will check every day if we see a change in the development of the flowers.
Who's flower will bloom first, which flower will be the tallest. So many things to discover in the process!

Let's see!


Marco's Diary ブログトップ
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